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Why should I invest in an eMarketing manager?
I have found that most small business owners are BUSY running their businesses! Too busy to invest the time that in necessary to properly manage their own eMarketing accounts. They end up paying their monthly fees without taking advantage of the benefits eMarketing provides. Plus, many of them find that eMarketing has many facets and that it is time consuming and difficult to ensure their email graphics, content and subject lines are up par with the image they would like to present for their company. I will provide the following invaluable expertise:

  • Effective subject lines: You might think this is the most simple and straight forward aspect of an eMarketing campaign. But, essentially, you have 5 to 10 words and 1 to 3 seconds to convince someone to open your email. I have invested many years in trying different subject lines, monitoring their effectiveness based on open rates, and improving my writing skills.
  • Attractive designs: With thousands of dollars of software and hardware, combined with 10 years of design experience, I have what it takes to generate beautiful, yet effective layouts that will draw the eye to a specific promotion and improve your brand recognition and image.
  • Outside the box ides: I will provide new and fun ideas for promotions, content, and information designed to entice your customers into a click-through, driving more traffic to your web site, and so that when they see your emails in their in-boxes that they find them to be useful rather than spam, thus maintaining higher open rates.

Take advantage of my eMarketing expertise including database management, target markets, ROI tracking and more. Emails have full graphics and shopping cart capabilities for the impulse buyer. All opens and clicks are tracked. "Forward to a Friend" and "Opt out" links are provided.

Please contact me at 716-560-1647 or .

Features That Help You Grow Your List
Building your permission-based email list is one of the best ways to maximize your eMarketing efforts. You don't want to miss the opportunity to communicate with your customers or members, so be sure to collect their email address at every opportunity. I offer a number of great features to grow your email contact list including the following tools:

  • A visitor sign-up box on your web site
  • A "Send Page to Friend" link for your web site
  • A special feature that allows your subscribers to forward your email and add a personal note to their friends

Best Practice: Collect Emails at Every Chance
Make a habit of collecting emails to add to your list. Just remember that you are building a permission-based list, which means a person must give their permission before being added. Here are some tips for growing your list.

  • Have a sign-up sheet available at your place of business
  • Train employees to collect addresses and permission at every point of contact
  • Collect addresses at trade shows and events
  • Collect business cards of people who request information


Hair Forum Salon

Christmas Central

Buffalo Limousine

Beaver Hollow

Buffalo Conference Center

Birgit's Hair & Skin

SEKO Buffalo

Bruno's Pizzeria


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3 tips for more effective eMarketing campaigns:

  1. Valuable content:
    Provide your customers with valuable content that is relevant to their interests and purchasing habits. The more useful they find the information within your emails, the more opens, click through rates, and purchases you will receive.

  2. Don't over do it:
    One to two emails per month is usually enough. Too many emails will result in opt-outs and spam reports. Minimize your emails, but maximize their substance.

  3. Use auto responders:
    Take advantage of the five available auto responders with an email confirmation to all new signups from your web site, followed by a company introduction or product promotion. This will reinforce your brand and give your new signups a taste of what to expect with your regular emails.