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Google Analytics
Every web site I develop is submitted to all major search engines in order to drive traffic and customers to your site. (More comprehensive and aggressive Search Optimization Services are available for an additional monthly fee.)

The effectiveness of the content of each page is carefully tracked with google analytics. You are provided access to this invaluable reporting service which offers real time hit tracking reports including traffic sources, key words searched, geographic location of hit origins and more. Please click here to request temporary access to my google analytics account for demonstration purposes. 716-560-1647 or .



To access the reports, you will have to create a google account:
(not to be confused with a gmail account!)

  1. Click here to login to an existing Google Account and skip to step 5
  2. Click here to CREATE a Google Account
  3. Please use your main email address (you@yourcompany.com) as your username in your google account
  4. create whatever password you want and follow the instructions
  5. once you are logged in to google, your web site name should appear
  6. Click on "View Report" to see a variety of tracking reports to choose from. This will be blank for a few days following initial setup until the analytics kick in.
  7. I send frequent reminders to periodically take a look.
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