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Vinny's Game 2 in 2010 Powder Keg Festival at Pro Park across from Pearl Street.
Ended in 0-0 tie that went to a shoot out in front of 100 to 200 people and eneded with goalie on goalie.
Our Goalie scored, but they didn't count the shootout, claiming it was "just for the fans."
We didn't advance.

Episode 1: Our visit to the "Lionel Train House"

Episode 2: Our visit to the "Lionel Train House"

Sledding at Elma Meadows...

Cooper's first jam session with Ben on Thanksgiving...

Danny sings Rudolph before & after eating too much sugar!

Cooper gives his first interview...

Cooper four-eyes

Cooper cracks up at beanie babies

Issue in the tubbie

Funny Harmonica

Labor Day 2008

Cooper in the Jumperoo

Aidan laughing at Gina at Bridget Thompson's wedding

Jeff making Cooper and Danny laugh